Soon it will be The Longest Day & The Shortest Night of the year again, around that time I will have posted the 2013 editions ^_-
But why not refreshening your memory while waiting? 
Remember Last Year’s Full Summer Madness & The Shortest Night mix tapes? This year it won’t be a 4 and a half hour set, but rather a “Triple Filtered” distillation while hopefully maintaining the exceptional “Grand Cru” standards I have set last year.
Smaller, Faster, Stronger! I Guess :-D
Let The Sunshine In People!

When you need to take a break as a dj, you can use this to be cool for about 9.30min

tumblr is like egypt nobody understands us and we worship cats

And our language is images.

The Artwork For The K-Anubizz 2012 winter-mixtapes! ^_-

MashUp i did when the use of a laptop started to be integrated within my gigs, @ JKJOS